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Automate your vision

Probot Systems

Probot Systems offers services in automation and industrial robotics. Our flexible service offer is addressed to small and medium sized companies requiring support in automation, as well as integrators requiring qualified workforce.


Whatever your need, our team will be able to find a practical and innovative solution that will meet your expectations. We make you the promise.

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Become the leader in innovative solutions in industrial robotics.

Be recognized as a key partner by our clients, thereby creating mutual success.

Our values

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Service to manufacturers

At Probot Systems we offer you knowledge and experience in the field. If you want to automate but don't know where to start? Take advantage of a free visit from an automation engineer who will analyze your production line and guide you towards the best approaches to start automating your processes.


If you already have a project in mind, our team has the necessary expertise to guide you in your automation plan. We will build specifications that will meet all your needs. We are also at your disposal to follow the evolution of your project and even to manage it. Our expertise and experience at your side throughout this project will prevent you from forgetting important details that can be costly or that can delay your initial automation plan and its proper functioning.

Computer Robot

Expertise in industrial robotics

With several years of experience in industrial robotics, we have the expertise to evaluate your project and accompany you throughout. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to work on different applications such as: assembly, packaging, palletizing and handling. Our customers come from several sectors such as: food, automotive, medical and electronics. We are in contact with various integrators in the field and we will be able to advise you in order to guide you towards the best solutions.

Expertise in collaborative robotics

Cobots are relatively new to the automation market. Several robot manufacturers are emerging, and they have interesting new technologies. The main advantages of this new class of robot are the simplicity and the deployment speed. Probot Systems can assist you in selecting the robot as well as in developing the complete solution for your application.

Equipment optimization and analysis

You already have equipment on site and you believe it is the bottleneck in your production line? You don't want to invest heavily in new equipment but you think your equipment could operate at a higher capacity?


Our team is able to evaluate the performance of your equipment as well as target the improvements to be made in order to optimize it. Sometimes all it takes is a minor addition or adjustment that will subsequently improve the overall efficiency of your production.

Servic aux manufacturiers

You can also entrust us with the annual maintenance of your robot. You have the peace of mind that your robot will be able to operate without problems for several years.

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Machine en usine

Expertise in industrial robotics

Industrial robots have proven themselves for several years. Robust, reliable and requiring little maintenance, more and more equipment manufacturers are turning to them to simplify their systems while increasing their flexibility. At Probot Systems we can help you integrate this technology into your production. 


We also offer an outsourcing service for qualified personnel. If you have a punctual need to fill, our staff will also be able to help you.

Expertise in collaborative robotics

You have a customer who wants to integrate a collaborative robot to its operations, but you have never had the opportunity to work with such a robot? Don't miss this chance!


Our team already has several years of experience with this new technology and will be able to advise you. Know how to get the most out of collaborative robotics, in fact many new robot manufacturers are emerging and have a lot to offer.

Equipment start-up

Are you aiming for growth and the acquisition of new international markets? Have you recently concluded a contract abroad? Then we can help you.


Many of our clients have difficulty recruiting specialized workforce that is wiling to travel. Our team is able to provide you with the necessary personnel to carry out your equipment start-ups at your clients' sites, anywhere in the world.

Services aux intégrateurs

Service to equipment manufacturers, integrators and OEM

At Probot Systems we offer you knowledge and experience. We are aware that the automation sector is booming and that it is sometimes easier to find projects than to find the qualified manpower to carry them out. This is why our team of experts in automation and robotics is able to fill this gap. We work as much with local integrators as with OEM. Moreover, we know how to adapt to your specific needs and conditions.

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